Whether You’re Building A New Home Or Building Your Body - I’m Here For You!

As your Lifestyle Agent I can help advocate your best interests when it comes to a newly built home and here are some tips to consider:

4 Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Start with a Mortgage Pre-Approval, then…

Contact Your Real Estate Agent (Karla Frieson)

I have more than 17 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent and I have plenty of experience negotiating with builders. I’ll help you develop a plan and figure out what you desire, what you dislike, and help you get your “must haves.”

Research The Builder

This step is easier than you may think, simply google “best new construction builders in Nashville” or whatever area you’re interested. Make sure you look at their reviews, testimonials, and any additional information you can find on those who peak your interests.

When you contact the builder, you’ll want to have jotted down some questions you’d like answered. Here are a few you may use:

o How long have you been building in this area?

o What type of new home warranty do you offer?

o What features are standard in the homes you build?

Be Creative with Negotiations

Of course everyone wants the best possible deal, but sometimes it doesn’t mean it will cost less. It’s not wise to ask the builder to drop a price because it may cost the buyer more in the long run. Sometimes the reason builders refuse to change their prices has more to do with the neighborhood and value of the other homes; therefore, I can help you with the creative negotiations.

Learn What’s Covered On The New Construction Home Warranty

Usually, the builder will have a home warranty to give you. it’s important that you make sure you understand it and all that it covers from the builder and what it covers from the other companies that are involved in the building of your new home. Sometimes the warranty can be negotiated into the deal or you can add provisions to cover those things the warranty may not usually cover.

As your Lifestyle Agent, I’m your go-to and resource. I’m also your personal trainer when you’re seeking to re-structure your body; we’ll do it with strength training.

There are so many benefits to strength training, below are just a few….

4 Benefits of Strength Training

Helps Maintain Muscle Mass

Cardio is really good for heart health, but strength training helps your muscles grow bigger. According to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 30 minutes twice a week of high intensity resistance was shown to impact training and show functional performance with no negative side effects. It also increases your strength and you’ll be able to lift more and it improves your balance.

Makes Your Joints Stronger

Weight bearing exercises help strengthen your joints. It makes you more fit and helps you be able to do things you need to do on a daily basis. It can increase your bone density and reduce chances of having osteoporosis.

Helps You Keep Your Weight Off

Strength or resistance training helps supports weight loss and weight management. It can help speed up your metabolism so you burn more calories efficiently.

Helps Improve Your Mood And Mental Health

You’ll feel more powerful and it will change the way you look at fitness. Increases your endorphins (add a positive feeling in your body) and may help you sleep better. It also may help sharpen your thinking skills.

If your goals are to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, or burn more calories, you can do it all with strength training or resistance training.

I hope this was helpful. If you know anyone who may need my assistance, please help them by referring them to me. If you know anyone who would benefit from this post, please forward it to them. Please feel free to ask questions and please remember to follow me on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Your Nashville Lifestyle Agent…

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