Simple Steps To Warm Up Your Bathroom And Your Muscles

For some, the bathroom is a favorite room; it’s where many events occur. It can be a place of serenity or a place of comfort. There can be many reasons you choose to update your bathroom. Maybe it’s been a while since you made some changes and fixtures are outdated, or you simply want to spice it up a bit. Whatever your reason, here are simple tips to refresh the look and feel of the bathroom.

Tips to Update Your Bathroom

  • Refresh your cabinets with new software. It is a quick and easy way to change the appearance of the bathroom and Lowes, Home Depo or any home improvement store should have a huge variety for you to choose from.

  • Changing your shower curtain and toilet seat to match the colors of your walls and accessories is another inexpensive way to update the bathroom.

  • Change the floor tile. Changing the floor tile can add a modern touch.

  • Change the mirrors. Spice it up, choose a shape other than round or square.

  • Change the color of the walls. Paint it a fun or relaxing new color or for a cleaner look, select 2 colors and make all of the new changes those 2 colors.

Whatever you choose, just remember that making adjustments can be simple and easy.

After you’ve warmed up your bathroom with new updates, know that warming up your muscles will help your workout be more effective.

Why Warm Up Your Muscles Before A Good Workout?

When you stretch and warm up your muscles before working out, it boosts your cardiovascular system, raises your body temperature, and increases the blood flow to your muscles. It helps your muscles be prepared for the upcoming movement. Here are some benefits to warming up before a workout:

  • It helps you be more flexible so you can move easier and gives you better range in motion.

  • It can reduce the risk of injury by helping your muscles relax.

  • It can help improve your performance and help you get the most from your workout.

  • You’ll have less stiffness so you can move and flow more easily.

How To Warm Up Your Muscles

There are two types of stretching you may consider:

  • Static Stretches – where you stand or lie down and hold a position for a count, like bending over and touching your toes or sitting down and touching your ankles.

  • Dynamic Stretches - actively moving instead of holding, like a walking lunge or leg pendulums when you swing your leg from back to front or side to side.

If you are looking for someone, to help you meet your fitness goals, that’s what I do. I can help you with a program and exercises that include warming up and cooling down so you get the greatest benefit from our time together. Please reach out to me either here or on Facebook or Instagram, at Fri Fit.

I hope this was helpful and gave you ideas to use for upgrading your bathroom. If you know anyone who may need my assistance, please help them by referring them to me. If you know anyone who would benefit from this post, please forward it to them. Please feel free to ask questions and remember to follow me on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

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