Save Money By Using A Real Estate Agent And By Planning Your Meals

Benefits Of Using A Real Estate Agent (Karla Frieson) Instead Of FSBO

Real Estate Agents Are Professionals In Their Field

Karla already knows about zoning, pricing, and marketing. Agents can weed out unqualified sources/buyers

Real Estate Agents Have Access To More Resources

Karla is an expert networker and has a lot of professionals to pull from in order to help you. According to NAR, 89% of sellers listed on the MLS and worked with an agent to sell their home because they had agents like Karla who have access to unlimited resources.

Real Estate Agents Can Get Your Home More Exposure

Selling without an agent, means you cannot use MLS and you have to find other ways to attract buyers. Using an agent like Karla speeds up the process tremendously.

Real Estate Agents Know What To Look For

They know what you want as a buyer and what to highlight as a seller. They think about issues you may not have considered like leaks or insect issues, this is where Karla’s knowledge and experience can help save you money.

Real Estate Agents Remain Neutral

Selling your home is an emotional process – it’s personal. Karla will help take the emotions out of it because she has an unbiased and honest outlook.

Real Estate Is A Full Time Job

Karla will devote the time and considerations and put you first, being the best resource for you. when you already have a full-time job, you don’t have the time to invest (all of your time) in trying to sell your home yourself.

Real Estate Agents Skilled Negotiators

Karla has lots of experience negotiating and can get you the best offer.

Real Estate Agents Pay Attention To Detail

Karla knows what documents should be completed. Mistakes and omissions can cost more money than you plan to spend, but your agent’s attention to details will catch these and carefully review your contracts before you sign them.

Instead of trying to sell your house yourself (FSBO), let Karla help you.

Karla will help you sell your house and help you keep money in your pocket from your grocery bill with meal planning.

There are many benefits to planning your food, especially when you are short on time during the week and trying to multi-task to get as much done as possible. Meal planning saves you time and money in the long run.

Benefits Of Meal Planning

Helps You Reach Your Health Goals

If you have goals whether you are trying to add weight or lose it, planning your meals will help you add in those necessary ingredients to help you stay on track.

Helps You Learn Portion Control

When you plan your meals you can see how much you’re actually eating.

Helps You Eat Healthier

When you control your meals, you control what you consume. When you get hungry you are less likely to just pick up something not in accordance to your goals


Helps You Save Money

You’ll know ahead of time what you’ll be cooking and eating so you can go to the grocery store and get what you want to fix. Eating out all the time can be expensive.

You Don’t Waste As Much Food

When you have planned your meals and you know how many people will be eating it, you can be better prepared to only cook enough for that amount of people.

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