Need To Sell Your Home Fast? I’m Here for You!

Selling your home is an exciting event, it may seem stressful at times, but I’ve already got systems in place to help glide you smoothly through the process.

Selling your home is an exciting event, it may seem stressful at times, but I’ve already got systems in place to help glide you smoothly through the process.

I’ll help you find a home inspector. The inspector will make a visual observation based on state standards and usually works with a checklist that may include:

  • Water damage

  • Structural issues

  • Condition of roof

  • Plumbing issues

  • Electrical Problems

  • Infestation (Pest or Insect)

  • HVAC Issues

I’ll use creative up-to-date marketing strategies to list the property in a way that attracts buyers. Thanks to technology, today’s buyers seem to be more informed so realtors have to be ingenious with property listing.

I’ll set up home showings for potential buyers. In this case, it may be best for you (the home seller) to be away from the property, and if you have pets, take them with you. This is where I’ll need you to trust my expertise and know that I will show your home and help identify the best prospect/buyer for your home.

During negotiations I will be your mediator, your advocate, and your interpreter when language or communications seem confusing.

When the seller and buyer negotiations are complete and you (the seller) accept the offer, a closing date will be scheduled and I’ll guide you through the closing process. A few things you will need to know:

  • There are several steps to this process.

  • Each person’s closing is different depending on what was agreed upon during negotiations.

  • We’ll discuss what you’ll need to obtain for example, like a title, and other important articles.

Most importantly, you will not have to go through this process alone, I’ll be there with you. If it gets to a point where the process seems heavier than you feel you can handle, we’ll find solutions together.

Just so you know, I’m not just your resource for all of your real estate needs, I’m also your best resource for nutrition and fitness - as a Certified Personal Trainer, I have insights into all things fitness related. Here’s a question for you, did you know that when you fail to get enough rest, it can disrupt your fitness routine?

How Lack Of Sleep Sabotages Your Fitness Goals

Are you getting enough rest? Are you taking the time you need to get the rest you need, so you can be your best from every angle? Did you know, lack of sleep affects your muscles? It’s great to be committed to your fitness goals, but if you don’t allow your body the rest it needs to recover effectively, you could be doing more harm than good. A lack of sleep not only affects your focus, patience, and memory, it also affects your muscle recovery. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, your muscles fail to recover from the stress you put them through that day; then disrupts your fitness goals.

Exercise Elicits a Chemical Effect on the Brain to Sleep

For most people, regular exercise helps them sleep because exercise has a chemical effect on the brain and the more you work out, the more your body wants to recover – in sleep. However, there are some who “hustle” hard which sometimes means they trade sleep for work and if that's you, I'm not judging you, but when you overdo it during a workout, then fail to get enough rest and try to do it again the next day, you may quickly feel fatigued.

Believe it or not, adult bodies benefit from 7-9 hours of sleep per night and their entire body functions better. If you need help finding ways to get to bed earlier, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Is your brain too busy to wind down early? Try writing a list for tomorrow as a “brain dump” so you can get your rest and wake in the morning and complete those tasks.

  • Do you have a nightly routine that includes help with homework? See if there is any way you can start the routine even an hour earlier? That hour may make a big difference in your nightly routine.

  • Do you struggle with deciding your meals after a long day? Try meal planning on the weekends so when it’s time to prepare dinner, you already know what you plan to serve.

These are just a few actions you can use to help your evenings run more smoothly and get you closer to winding down, so your muscles can effectively recover. I hope this was helpful. If you know anyone who may need my assistance, please help them by referring them to me, so I can help them. For more information, please visit my website:

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