Living Room Vs Great Room What Makes You Happy?

What’s The Difference Between A Living Room And A Great Room?

A Living Room

A traditional living room is usually known as a formal room or space in the home that is used to entertain guests. This room often contains expensive, high quality furniture with enough space for everyone to sit. It’s not generally used as a family room. It’s more considered a room used for special occasions and food is usually not served in this room. In older model homes, the living room was usually located in a front room in the house and often off of the foyer. It was often closed off from the rest of the house and guests could be entertained without anyone needing to see the rest of the house.

A Great Room

A great room is usually a large open space often with high ceilings. This is almost opposite of a living room, usually a great room is more casual and can serve as a space for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation. A great room may be where people eat, play, and simply live.

There are many benefits to having a great room. Most homes built in 2018 are designed with this multi-functional room:

Family time

Natural light

Illusion of more space

The great room is an everyday living space often seen as the media room. The media room means it’s a great room for socializing, playing video games, watching tv and using the internet. Living rooms are becoming more obsolete as families becoming more social and informal in their lifestyles.

Whether you prefer the great room to the living room, life is truly more about you being happy. Have you ever thought about the components of happiness? What are your components for happiness?

What’s Your Idea Of Happiness?

There appear to be about 5 elements to happiness, I mean five measurable elements. Which apply to you?


There are so many ways to gain achievement. It really can be related to anything, from doing well in school, trying something new, applying for and getting a new job, starting a business, doing something for someone else, etc. With achievement, it’s important to recognize the completion of the accomplishment and then celebrate it.


This is about finding something you enjoy that you would do all day and lose track of time, while doing it. Of course it’s different for everyone, but engagement can be obtained by finding something that completely absorbs you. It’s more about finding that thing that you are passionate about, focusing in and enjoying that thing that brings you to life.


Understanding your purpose in life and how it impacts others. Recognizing your strengths or zone of genius and using those talents to develop a greater significance in many ways.

Positive Emotion

This can be that optimism you feel about yourself, your life or anything. Its developing a system that helps you cope with the ups and downs in life in a way that brings you peace or enjoyment.


As humans, we’re social beings, and the existence of authentic, positive relationships plays an important role in our idea of happiness. We should have people in our lives with whom we can laugh or cry, people who motivate us and empower us. Think about the people with whom you spend the most time, are they positive or toxic? If your goal is to maintain happiness, it may be time to release those toxic people.

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