Gain Peace Of Mind Through Laughter And Fee Simple Ownership

Laughter is the best medicine is not just cliché, it's true. There’s so much power in laughter, it heals, it brings us closer in relationships, it helps us cope with difficult situations, and it’s free and fun to do.

6 Reasons To Laugh As Often As Possible

  • Laughter is linked to a healthy function of blood vessels – it increases your blood flow and reduces cardiovascular disease.

  • Laughter helps strengthen the immune system – since stress weakens the immune system, laughter reverses negativity and strengthens it. it increases the circulation of antibodies in the blood and makes us better able to resist infection.

  • Laughter lowers stress and anxiety – it helps relieve tension and adds to muscle relaxation, helping reduce physical symptoms. Humor helps you cope better in difficult situations.

  • Laughter is good for your organs – it energizes our heart, lungs, and muscles and increases the endorphinsreleased by our brain.

  • Laughter is great for emotional health – it releases dopamine and gives us those happy feelings.

  • Laughter helps us keep things in perspective – it helps promote a positive mood and is contagious.

Sometimes life becomes more simple when laughter is infused in the situation. Along with that simplicity, we can add Fee Simple which makes property ownership easy.

What is Fee Simple Ownership?

Fee Simple is the most common type of property ownership. It means the owner’s rights to a property are undetermined – the property is given with no conditions attached; therefore, the property can be transferred or inherited whenever the owner chooses.

This means that when you buy a home from a seller, you take full ownership of the land and the buildings on the property, this includes sheds, garages, and everything on the property. With fee simple ownership, it’s your land and property and you can do whatever you choose. If you want to build on it, you can add a deck, a second or third level, another garage or you may completely tear the home down and build whatever you desire. Then when you choose to be the seller, you may sell it or pass it down to whomever you choose. Fee Simple is most often affiliated with single-family homes.

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