Easy Staging Tips For Your Kitchen And Your Lifestyle

Small Changes in the Kitchen Can Add Great Value

If the kitchen isn’t the most important room in the home, it’s one of the top three. For a lot of people, the size and flow of the kitchen weighs heavily on whether or not they want to buy the home. That’s why it’s important to stage the kitchen in a way that welcomes new buyers.

When you’re staging your kitchen, you may want to change the way you think about it. This is not the time to set it up the way you prefer. This is the time to set up your kitchen with the aim to sell your property. You’re staging your home for buyers; you’ll want your kitchen to be pleasing to the eye – so you’ll want to stage it to look, feel, and smell fresh and clear.

6 Tips For Staging The Kitchen

1. Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Have a professional cleaning service (like Spring Clean LLC) come and clean the kitchen. A professional cleaning service will clean the whole kitchen and should be able to remove those including all the stubborn stains and tough to reach dirty spots.

2. Consider Fresh Paint

Painting will add to the fresh look. Select a color that goes well with your counters and cabinets. This is not the time to be eccentric, this is the time to clean up the look, and if you don’t know which color to choose, a crisp white usually does the job well.

3. Organize The Cupboards

Believe it or not, potential buyers will be opening the cupboards. They’ll want to know exactly how much storage space is in the kitchen. You’ll want the cupboards to look organized: this includes removing anything that doesn’t match.

4. Organize The Pantry

You’ll want to use matching storage containers. You may need to remove excess food and anything that does not compliment the appearance of the pantry.

5. Bring In Flowers And Set Out Fresh Fruit

Flowers and fresh fruit add a safe pop of color and add freshness to the room. If you don’t have both, one or the other should work well.

6. Replace Cabinetry Hardware And Light Fixtures

This is an inexpensive way to update any room, swapping out these for a cleaner finish will make your kitchen feel new again.

Just as minor changes can update your kitchen, being mindful of those who occupy your personal time can upgrade your lifestyle. When you’re conscious of the positive influences in your life, they may just help you elevate to your next level.

Why You Should Surround Yourself With Positive People

Happiness Is Contagious.

Have you ever been feeling down or unmotivated and someone started talking to you who was having a great day and excited about living? They start talking about how great it is that the sun is shining and they’ve decided to have a great day. It’s contagious, you notice you start to feel better about your day.

Complaining Depletes Your Energy.

It’s refreshing to spend time with people who don’t spend their time complaining. Everyone has disappointments, but when you hang around people who choose to focus on what’s good in life verses what’s not, everyone is happier.

They’ll Help You Raise Your Standards.

If the people you spend time with influence you, then you want to ensure those people are ones you can learn from. When you surround yourself with positive people, you become more confident and empowered. You see your life as it is instead of happening to you.

Positive People Are More Productive.

Happy people are optimistic, they get stuff done and meet goals quicker. Tlhey have a positive mindset, are willing to work with others, and that’s the type of energy you want to be around.

People love positive people, they’re motivating, inspiring, and fun; they teach us those unwritten lessons most people forget about. I challenge you to evaluate your relationships and keep the ones that bring positive energy, near.

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