4 Improvements Upgrade Your Patio And Fitness Routine

Need a change of scenery? Upgrade your patio.

The exterior of your home is what makes the first impression to your guests. So, whether you’re buying a home or selling one, making improvements to your home are just as important on the outside as they are on the inside. Here are some low-cost upgrades for the outside of your home.

4 Low-Cost Exterior Upgrade Ideas

1. Build A Fire Pit

A fire pit can help you build memories, roast marshmallows, and add to your entertainment props while you have guests visiting. It will upgrade the quality of your entertainment and add to the assets of your home. If you don’t want to have an open fire in your yard, you can make it a natural gas fire pit.

2. Change Your Pavers

Upgrading your pavers may add charm to your patio and may be less expensive than repairing a concrete slab. They come in many sizes and colors: clay is a classic look, while natural stone adds a natural feel to the patio.

3. Choose A Lighting Upgrade

You can change the atmosphere of your patio with custom lighting. You can add LED string lighting to your trees, sidewalks, steps and even to your pool to upgrade your patio.

4. Add A Water Feature

A backyard water feature can be small or large and simple or complex. The simplest water feature you can create is a recirculating fountain.

While changing your patio can be a great upgrade to the exterior of your home, changing your exercise routine can upgrade your fitness goals.

Why Change Up Your Exercise Routine?

When it comes to exercise many people have one or two exercise routines they enjoy and every time they exercise, they do those routines over and over. They pride themselves on exercising daily, so why should they change things up?

4 Reasons To Change Your Exercise Routine

1. It Helps You Break Through A Fitness Plateau

When you do the same exercise over and over, your body gets used to it and then you start to burn fewer calories because your body isn’t working as hard.

2. You Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RPI)

Repetitive strain injury is a gradual buildup of damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves from repetitive motion. When you keep doing the same exercises, it puts a strain on that muscle group and you have a greater chance of hurting/harming yourself.

3. It Helps Keep Your Brain Sharp

Consistent exercise helps keep your brain active. Learning new skills helps with memory and keeping the brain quick and healthy.

4. It Helps With Motivation

When you switch your routine, you’re less likely to become bored and give up.

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